How to remove red juice stain from carpet

Many of us have been faced with this dilemma. Whether it’s a spill from Gatorade, Kook-Aid, or another brand, red juice stains are often though to be permanent. We have good news for you though- they’re not! We have a very effective process for getting red juice stains out. In fact, we have never encountered one that we did this process on that wouldn’t come out!

In order to remove red juice stains in carpet, we have to do something different than our normal hot water extraction process. We use a product that actually alters the dye to make the red dye unstable, then we apply a damp towel and a hot iron. Checking about every 30 seconds, we watch as the red stain transfers into the towel and disappears from the carpet. It’s an amazing process to watch, and you can see our great results from a cleaning we did in Sammamish below.