Chair cleaning before and after

Sometimes you don’t notice something needs to be done until someone points it out for you. We were in a client’s house to clean the couch the other day, and asked if there’s anything else they would like done while we’re there. They said, “Well, I suppose these chairs could use some freshening up.” Little did they know we could get them looking so much better (see below)!

First of all, we will never pressure a client to have us do more than they want to. We don’t “upsell” and we don’t use any high-pressure techniques to get you to spend more money. It’s your money, your home or office, period. Not ours.

That being said, we always will make suggestions based on our expertise and professional experience for what would be best to protect your investments and keep your home or office clean and healthy. Whether that’s cleaning a couch, chair, carpet, tile, or hardwood, every place is different. Our cleaning services are customized just for you! Perhaps our morning client in Edmonds just needs carpet cleaning, our Lynnwood upholstery cleaning client wants a little tile cleaning done also, and our afternoon client in Shoreline needs a professional hardwood floor cleaner.

Upholstery cleaning Everett after