How to get rid of dark lines on carpet edges and under doorways

We’ve all seen them, especially those that have white or cream colored carpet. Those awful dark lines that develop along the edges of carpet- typically in hallways, on stairs, and under doorways. What are those dark lines in carpet and how do you get rid of them?

First of all, the dark lines on the edge of the carpet are called air filtration lines. It’s the dust, pet dander, allergens, and other things that get pushed off to the side when you walk down the hall or up the stairs. Think of it like driving on the freeway- there’s rarely any debri where your tires go. It’s all brushed off to the side by the wind from the vehicles passing. These lines are full of dirt and grime, and can be tricky to clean out once they get bad. In order to keep them from appearing, we recommend using the hose attachment on your vacuum to vacuum the edges of your carpeted rooms every 1-2 weeks. It’s a pain, we know! But it will be much more work to get rid of if you let the air filtration lines to develop.

How do you clean the dark lines in carpet? Of course, the best (but also most expensive) way is to hire a professional. We have special products and tools designed specifically for these air filtration lines. If the lines are in a room anywhere near a kitchen, it’s very common that cooking oils will settle onto these lines, so we recommend a good citrus based cleaner to help pull out the oils. Outside of that, you can use our free Spot Out cleaner or Folex from the store. Put some on the filtration line, gently work in with a towel and let sit 5 minutes (don’t let it dry). Then scrub aggressively with a terry towel or microfiber towel to remove the spot. Repeat until there is no more change.

If you can’t remove them yourself, feel free to call or text Sno-King Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning at 206-801-0161!

Cleaning carpet when it's cold outside

It’s a very common belief that it’s better to have your carpet professionally cleaned when it is warm outside. Although there is some truth behind this, the real answer is that it shouldn’t matter, as long as you hire a high quality company.

Drying carpet is not just about temperature. In fact it’s more about airflow. We use 7 (seven!) high-efficiency fans on every fans to ensure the fastest dry times possible. While we carry 3 different types, one of them is pictured below. This fan is used for quickly drying upholstery and small rooms, while we have other fans to quickly dry larger areas of carpet after cleaning.

With this process that we use, there is no need for concern when having the carpet cleaned while it’s colder outside. Depending how warm you keep your house, it can actually be better to clean the carpet in the winter! In the summer, it gets very humid and even with airflow from our fans, it can get so humid that it slows the drying process.

So if you’re trying to decide if now or later is a good time to book a cleaning, our recommendation would be to contact us before it gets too warm out!

carpet drying fan

Should I vacuum before carpet cleaning?

Here’s a popular question that we often get asked, and one that you might like the answer to. In short, yes, the carpet should always be vacuumed before cleaning. While many carpet cleaning companies will ask you to vacuum before they arrive, we do the vacuuming for you! In addition to that, there are a few keys to a good vacuuming job:

  • Of course- use a good vacuum! Don’t get duped by infomercials and creative marketing. The flashiest, fanciest looking vacuums typically are not the best. We recommend going with trusted brands like Sanitaire and ProTeam (both of which you can buy commercial versions of for the same price or cheaper than high end homeowner styles)

  • Go slooooow. The “pull pass” (meaning as you pull the vacuum back toward you) is where you pick up the most amount of soil. Focus on the pull pass and go slowly.

  • Get the corners. I know, it’s tedious. But it really is that important to use the accessories to get the corners of rooms up against the baseboards. Otherwise, over time, you’ll see unsightly dark lines of dust and dirt start to build up. Surprisingly, those can be very difficult to get out.

Of course, if you have any questions about vacuums or anything related to them, you can always reach out to us and ask!

Pet and Kid Safe Carpet Cleaning

In the old days, carpet cleaners used some very toxic and harmful chemicals because there weren’t “green” or “non-toxic” solutions that worked very well. Fortunately for all of us, technology has come a long way and now we can achieve amazing carpet cleaning results while not putting the health of you, your children or pets at risk. We use non-toxic chemicals that don’t leave any sticky or harmful residue behind.

In addition to wanting to keep our clients’ homes safe and healthy after carpet or upholstery cleaning, we care about our health as well! We are working hands on with our products every day and want to stay healthy while we clean carpet, upholstery and tile. So if you want a professional carpet cleaning company that will still make your home look clean while not pumping dangerous chemicals into your air, call or text us at 206-801-0161!

Why hire a professional carpet cleaner?

I get it. I am a DYI’er myself. The upside of saving money can often times make it worth it to do a project yourself. The question is, do you have comparable skill, knowledge and equipment as the pros? If so, then you’re really just putting more time in and saving money! If not, the results could be disappointing. Carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning are services that can’t possibly be performed as well with at-home equipment, no matter how high your knowledge level. You can certainly do good maintenance cleaning with home equipment, but the yearly deep cleans should always done professionally.

Top reasons to hire a professional carpet cleaning company:

  • Technicians who are professionally trained and certified (like us!) will know the differences between different types of fibers and what cleaners to use on them. That way you don’t have to purchase multiple different spot cleaners to try to get spots out.

  • When you rent a cleaner from a store, you don’t know where it’s been. Did the last person just rinse out a wine spill, or were they cleaning up dog urine, or worse?

  • Our equipment can penetrate deeper for a thorough clean, creates higher heat (up to 240 degrees!), and has much better extraction power to remove all the soil and let the carpet dry faster. See the photo at the bottom for the machines that we use!

If you ever have questions about our carpet cleaning process, how to get spots out of carpet, or when to use something like a Rug Doctor or Bissell, feel free to reach us at 206-801-0161. Thank you!

Truck Mount carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning New Year's specials

The new year is here and it’s time to make some resolutions! Why not keeping your home cleaner and healthier while saving money? We can help!

This month, we are running a special that will greatly help you keep both of these resolutions! Below are the details, so be sure to call or text us to reserve your spot on the schedule.

$20 off $200

$40 off $300

$60 off $400

$100 off $500

Best carpet spot cleaner

In an ideal world, a professional cleaner like us could come out to clean up each and every spill on your carpet or upholstery, but in reality that would get very expensive! So it’s good to have some spot cleaners at home that you can use to help reduce the noticeable spots in between professional deep cleanings.

So what spot cleaner is best for carpet or upholstery? Our own! When you hire us, we give you a free spot cleaner with free lifetime refills!

If you don’t hire us, or run out and need some in a pinch, we recommend getting Folex from the local grocery store. Folex is very safe and effective, and it won’t harm your carpet like Resolve or OxiClean, or anything with optical brighteners. It can be effective at getting spots out of carpet like dirt, grime, food spills and even wine stains! For more troublesome spots like urine, feces or blood, special cleaners and equipment are needed to properly sanitize the area.

Holiday cleaning and donations to the Boys and Girls Club

carpet cleaning donation non-profit

This past week, we got to visit the Edmonds Boys and Girls Club and donate $1,000 to them!

As a small, local company, we like to give back as much as possible! The Boys and Girls Club does great work for the local kids and deserves our support, so not only will we continue to donate money, but also our time. Consider doing the same if you want to help out!

Also, feel free to take advantage of our holiday special: $30 off any service before Christmas or shortly after the new year. We look forward to serving you!

Cleaning dog stains off a couch

If you’re in the Greater Seattle area, chances are that you have pets of some kind. Many people have dogs here, so many people have couches that need to be cleaned. It’s about that simple!

We recently cleaned this couch for one our clients. Not did the dog pee on the couch, but there were just general spots from dog oils, coffee spills, food spots, and other various things on the couch. Fortunately, we have the upholstery cleaners made specifically for all of those things and made a huge difference! Check out the photo below to see what we can do when we clean upholstery!

Professional carpet cleaning or Bissell or Rug Doctor?

This is one of the most common questions we get, so we like to revisit it every now and then. Should you use a Rug Doctor, a Bissell, or another grocery store rental carpet cleaner, or hire a professional carpet cleaning company? In short, a good, professional carpet cleaner will always be best…but is it always worth the money? Not necessarily.

Rug Doctors and other similar cleaning machine certainly have their place. They are better than just vacuuming, but only if used properly. The problem is, people often put too much cleaner down on the carpet (or in upholstery) and due to the power constraints of an electrically powered cleaning machine, the carpet cleaner might not have enough vacuum power to extract the water. Then the carpet ends up being wet for a long time!

With a professional, you can get a much deeper clean, faster dry times, and a healthier home. But again, this is also only if it’s done correctly! When hiring a carpet cleaning company, make sure they know the proper processes, have the best equipment, and use products that are safe for your home, pets and children!