Does carpet dry faster in warm weather?

The end of spring and beginning of summer is often when busy season ramps up for most professional carpet cleaning companies. Why? Because it starts getting warmer out and most people believe that their carpet will dry faster since it’s warm outside. Especially in areas that we serve, like Edmonds, Seattle, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, Woodway, Shoreline, and others, the seasonality definitely contributes to this! However, that idea is not necessarily true.

A lot of carpet cleaning companies don’t use any, or at least not very many, high-efficiency fans to speed dry the carpet after they clean. We have 7 fans on every van to ensure we can get really quick dry times. Whether it’s warm or cold outside, we set up all of our fans and move them into areas that we just clean the carpets to ensure the fastest dry time possible. In the summer, it does help to open windows, so in theory the carpet will dry slightly faster, but it’s really our fans that make a big difference. See below for an example of what one of our fans looks like!

How to remove red juice stain from carpet

Many of us have been faced with this dilemma. Whether it’s a spill from Gatorade, Kook-Aid, or another brand, red juice stains are often though to be permanent. We have good news for you though- they’re not! We have a very effective process for getting red juice stains out. In fact, we have never encountered one that we did this process on that wouldn’t come out!

In order to remove red juice stains in carpet, we have to do something different than our normal hot water extraction process. We use a product that actually alters the dye to make the red dye unstable, then we apply a damp towel and a hot iron. Checking about every 30 seconds, we watch as the red stain transfers into the towel and disappears from the carpet. It’s an amazing process to watch, and you can see our great results from a cleaning we did in Sammamish below.

Chair cleaning before and after

Sometimes you don’t notice something needs to be done until someone points it out for you. We were in a client’s house to clean the couch the other day, and asked if there’s anything else they would like done while we’re there. They said, “Well, I suppose these chairs could use some freshening up.” Little did they know we could get them looking so much better (see below)!

First of all, we will never pressure a client to have us do more than they want to. We don’t “upsell” and we don’t use any high-pressure techniques to get you to spend more money. It’s your money, your home or office, period. Not ours.

That being said, we always will make suggestions based on our expertise and professional experience for what would be best to protect your investments and keep your home or office clean and healthy. Whether that’s cleaning a couch, chair, carpet, tile, or hardwood, every place is different. Our cleaning services are customized just for you! Perhaps our morning client in Edmonds just needs carpet cleaning, our Lynnwood upholstery cleaning client wants a little tile cleaning done also, and our afternoon client in Shoreline needs a professional hardwood floor cleaner.

Upholstery cleaning Everett after

Should I replace or clean my carpet?

Have you ever thought to yourself “Why hassle with cleaning? I should just rip this nasty carpet out at be done with it!” While there are certainly times where that’s the best option, there are a few things to consider.

Pros of replacing carpet instead of cleaning:

  • You don’t have to worry about if the carpet was cleaned properly

  • You get to sit back and relax while someone else does the labor intensive work

  • You can use Sno-King’s company account at a local supplier to get a large discount on new carpet and pad

Cons of replacing carpet instead of a professional carpet cleaning:

  • It’s far, far more intrusive than cleaning. You typically have to move out for a short period of time since all of the furniture has to be removed

  • The main downside is a big one- cost! Often times, you’re looking at somewhere around $5-$6 per square foot to replace carpet (and that’s if you don’t get really high end carpet or your price can easily double). With professional carpet cleaning, you will typically spend anywhere from about $.30-$.60 per square foot.

You also might be surprised what spots can come out with a professional carpet cleaner who has proper training and education. With our state of the art equipment, superior process and professional training, we can get virtually any spot out from red wine, to blood, to pet urine. You can see our before and afters here!

If you want advice on if you should replace your carpet, you can always send us photos and/or call us at 206-801-0161. We are more than happy to serve, whether you end up hiring us or not!

hallway carpet cleaning Edmonds

How to get mildew out of outdoor cushions

Winter is over and summer is almost here! Many of us know that the Greater Seattle Area is beautiful this time of year, so we spend time outside barbecuing, playing yard games and hanging out with loved ones. But have you ever gone outside to find your patio furniture looks worse than you remember? Have you ever looked at the cushions and seen tiny little black spots everywhere? If so, that’s actually mildew that has accumulated from months of the Seattle rain!

So, how do you clean mildew spots out of furniture? This may come as a surprise to you, but most outdoor furniture is bleach-safe. The product we use for mold is not straight bleach, but it’s a product that is specifically designed to get mold and mildew off of wood and many other surfaces. You can go to the store to purchase a similar product, or even use household bleach (make sure to dilute according to the directions).

When cleaning outdoor furniture, extraction is very important, because all kinds of bacteria can grow in the wet climate throughout fall and winter. So if you have a way of cleaning yourself you can do that, or if you’d rather hire us so that you can just relax on your patio furniture after it gets cleaned, contact us here! We can help you if you are in Edmonds or the surrounding cities.

If you do the cleaning yourself, be sure to check your tag and/or call your manufacturer to check if it is safe to use bleach. And even if they say it is, test a small spot in an inconspicuous area to make sure it’s not going to make the color bleed before putting it all over your outdoor couch or chair. Get ready to enjoy outdoor meals and parties again!

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Should you seal grout lines?

This is a commonly asked question in our industry, yet it’s no that should not have much debate around it. Many times, tile installers will not seal the grout because it’s not technically part of their job and is perceived to be a waste of time. However, sealing grout is extremely important, and there are a few helpful details to know.

The first thing we should get out of the way is epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is not very common because it is very expensive and very difficult to install. However, the benefit of epoxy is that it never needs to be sealed! It’s essentially impenetrable, much like ceramic or porcelain tile.

When it comes to common grout types, sealing the grout, especially after cleaning, is very important. The most common type of grout is called cementitious grout. As the name suggests, this grout is made up of cement, as well as sand. Over time, acidic soils (especially around men’s toilets) will eat away at the grout and cause permanent damage. However, if a proper sealer is applied every 1-3 years, depending on use, the life of the grout can be prolonged exponentially. If you hire a professional to clean and seal your grout, make sure they are using a high quality sealer that protects from the inside out, rather than leaving a film on top.

With natural stone, such as marble, travertine or others, it is very important to also seal the tiles in addition to the grout, since the stone is porous. With ceramic tile, it is only necessary to seal the grout lines.

If you want help figuring out the best maintenance program for your tile and/or grout, please contact us here and we will be happy to help!

How to deep clean grout lines in tile

Tile and grout cleaning is much more than just mopping. In fact, mopping essentially just pushes all the dirt from the tile into the grout lines. So in effect, it cleans off the tiles but makes the grout even more dirty than it already was. No wonder grout lines are always so much harder to deep clean than the tile!

So when cleaning grout at home, that’s why it’s so commonly thought to use a tooth brush. What else can you scrub the grout lines with that will fit inside the grout lines? There are some better tools out there that help you get off your hands and knees like this one though, because you can buy a wool pole to attach it to! Doing this with a strong, neutral pH cleaner like this one can be very effective, but it has to be done regularly. It’s also best practice to use absorbent microfiber pads to dry the surface after cleaning, rather than traditional mops that push the dirt back into the grout lines.

When we clean grout, we do a combination of a safe but heavy duty pre-treatment, aggressive scrubbing with a brush and then high pressure (1000 psi) washing with hot water (up to 220 degrees). This combination allows us to do highly effective tile and grout cleaning that cannot be achieved with home remedies. The above photo is a bathroom we cleaned last week in Lake Stevens and the client was thrilled! If you have questions about how to clean tile and grout, or would like to schedule a professional tile and grout cleaning in Lake Stevens, Edmonds, Seattle, or the surrounding area, contact us here!

Best way to get pet hair out of carpet

As much as we love our pets, I think I speak for all of us when I say that I hate finding dog hair all over my house. It gets embedded in the upholstery, hair balls pile up in the corner, and it gets all over my kids!

When it comes to keeping the carpet clean, pet hair can be a challenge. Even if you have a higher end vacuum like a Dyson, Shark, or otherwise, some hair (and other soils) get so embedded into the carpet that they can be extremely difficult to remove without proper equipment.

Here’s a trick some homeowners don’t know about: go to a carpet cleaning supply shop, or go online and find a carpet rake (pictured below). You can use these before vacuuming to pull the deeply embedded hairs out of the carpet!

In order to remove even more hair and debri from carpet, we use a counter rotating brush machine. This tool has spinning brushes that penetrate all the way to the backing of the carpet and pull deeply embedded hair and soils out. The picture below is just after using our counter rotating brush machine on the carpet in two rooms at a home with two small dogs…and that’s also after vacuuming! Sometimes you can’t even see all the hair and dirt that’s deep down, affecting the air quality in your home.

If you are having trouble keeping up with your pets, let us come in to do a deep carpet cleaning and improve your air quality!

Pet hair removal Edmonds.jpg

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Edmonds

Did you know we also do commercial carpet cleaning? Lately, we have had a slew of requests to clean commercial spaces in and near Edmonds. Whether you need carpet, tile or upholstery cleaned in a law firm, medical office, gym, school, or any other space, we can do it!

For commercial clients, we can stop by for a free inspection to give an exact quote up front, as well as talk about recommended maintenance plans based off the client’s specific needs and situation. If you are in south Snohomish County or north King County and have an office building, call us at 206-801-0161 and we can give you a free quote!

commercial carpet cleaning edmonds

How long does carpet cleaning take?

Here’s another frequently asked question we receive: “How long will it take to clean the carpet?” Of course, the answer varies, but we have general guidelines for how long it takes to clean carpet, upholstery and tile.

Carpet: Roughly one hour for every 3-4 rooms, depending on the size. About 20-30 minutes per staircase. There are companies out there who can get the work done faster because their process is not as involved as ours. They may not use fans to speed dry the carpet, or they’ll skip agitating with a powerful counter rotating brush machine, or something else to save time. We ensure that every step of our process is the highest quality it can be.

Upholstery: Approximately one hour for an average couch, one and a half hours for a sectional, 30 minutes for a chair. We also do vehicle interiors, and those will take about one to one and a half hours for the seats and floor.

Tile: This varies far more than carpet or upholstery cleaning. Tile cleaning times depend on the size of the tile, what type of tile, the amount of grout, if we are sealing it after cleaning, etc. For example, a shower tile (3 walls and floor) will take about one hour to clean and seal. But a large kitchen and dining area floor might take 2 or more hours, depending on the size.

No matter what type of residential or commercial cleaning we are doing, we always try to finish the job as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Our carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile cleaning services are the top of the industry and we want to ensure your satisfaction before we leave.

Professional tile cleaning bathroom floor