Carpet cleaning for holiday guests

If you’re having people over for Thanksgiving, Christmas or another special day this holiday season, you’ll surely want to make sure your carpet, upholstery and tile are presentable. Our thorough process will ensure your guests will be wowed by how clean your furnishings look!

In addition to cleaning your carpet, we can also apply a high quality protector so that you can clean up the inevitable spills of cranberry sauce, stuffing, wine, and other things on the carpet!

If you want your guests to be impressed by your home, call, text or use our contact page to book your cleaning now. We have openings as early as this week!

Discounted Holiday carpet cleaning

It’s that time of year! Getting ready for parties, family coming into town, and celebrating the holidays with friends. You want your carpet to look nice and presentable for them, right? Well then surely you’ll want to take advantage of special holiday pricing.

But wait! The unfortunate truth is that many carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners, and tile cleaners are rarely offering a discount when they say they are. Have you ever been quoted over the phone by someone who says “Well our normal price is x but I’ll give you 30% off”? Why would they give a random caller such a large discount? The answer is, they don’t.

Most companies raise their initial quote so that when they include the discount, it’s back to their normal pricing (I know this from speaking with other business owners over the years). It’s not an honest practice, but it’s become industry standard for carpet cleaning.

Here at Sno-King, we will never use dishonest tactics to get your business. All our pricing is up front, and the discounts below are our actual discounts that we run all year around (with some occasional specials).

We are booking up for the holidays, so call or email us soon to grab your spot!

20% off for empty homes

20% off for non-profit organizations

Best time of year to get carpet cleaned?

Did you know that carpet cleaning tends to be a very seasonal business? Often times it is slower in the winter, as people don't want the cold air getting in their house, kids aren't playing outside and running in with dirty shoes, and pet stains don't have as noticeable of smells when it's cold out. However, with our unique process, it doesn't matter what time of year we do carpet cleaning for you.

We use several high efficiency fans, so even if it's not as warm in your house, the carpet will still dry quickly! Also, we take extra precautions to keep the door closed when it's cold out. 

As spring is upon us and the warm weather starts to hit, we get very booked up. Make sure to contact us right away for a free quote!

Pet odor in carpet in warmer weather

Have you ever noticed that your house starts to smells like pet odor in the spring or summer when the weather gets warmer? That's likely because a pet had an accident in the winter and it's been sitting there waiting to be fed by humidity! Some of the bacteria in urine is fed by moisture, so that's why pet stains will start to smell more when it's warmer and more humid outside.

If you need professional cleaning for pet stains or odor, we are the ones to call! Pet stain and odor removal is our specialty, and we have the most thorough methods in the industry. Call, text or email to talk to us and set up an appointment today!

Best time of year to clean carpet

Often times, carpet cleaning businesses are most busy in the spring and summer. Any idea why? It's usually because of the idea that the carpet will dry faster when it is warmer outside. There is some truth to this, but only if the cleaner isn't doing everything possible to dry the carpet quickly. 

At Sno-King, we use several high-efficiency fans on every job to ensure quick dry times. We recognize that your carpet being wet is an inconvenience to you and your family. So our carpet drying times range anywhere from 1-5 hours depending on the type of carpet. By doing this, we can achieve quick dry times in any time of year!

Best spot cleaner for carpet

What's the best spot cleaning product for carpet? Is it Resolve, OxiClean, or something else? Well...the answer is definitely something else! The two mentioned above have what's called "optical brighteners." These are disguised in the ingredient list with really long names, but essentially what they do is make the carpet look brighter so it looks clean. However, they're not actually cleaning. Over time they can make the dye in the carpet unstable, leaving it susceptible to bleaching.

For store bought cleaners, we recommend using Folex. But if you hire us, we give you a free lifetime supply of our Spot Out spot cleaner! Even if we're not at your place to clean, we'll just drop one off at no charge!

Why take your shoes off inside?

In many other countries, taking your shoes off upon entering a home is commonplace. Not only is it nice to do, but it's good for the air quality of the house residents and guests. Along with regular vacuuming and regular maintenance carpet cleaning, this is one of the best ways to keep your carpet looking fresh. See the WSJ article below to learn more!

How to clean tile and grout

Although it's not in our name, one of the services we provide is cleaning and sealing tile and grout. Whether it's on the floor, countertop, walls, shower, tub surround, or anywhere else that tile may be, we can clean it. We can even clean outdoor tile!

A tip for homeowner: don't mop tile! Mopping just takes the dirt, combines it with water, and then pushes the dirty muck into the grout lines. Over time this will turn the grout brown or black and the build up can be hard to remove. However, as you can see below, our professional equipment can still help! If you have any questions about tile cleaning, feel free to ask us, or we can stop by for a free inspection.


Tile 1.JPG

Best vacuum for household use?

Customers are often asking us "What vacuum should I buy?" Well, it depends on what your budget is, but we can certainly give some helpful guidelines. 

  • Don't buy a Rumba or other small vacuum. Although they are wonderfully automated, they are not very effective. Think about it...if all the dirt and debris they pick up can fit in that tiny little machine, is it really cleaning up very much? Also, they don't have the suction or brush power required to do a proper vacuuming job.
  • The flashy $500+ vacuums are not worth the money. Our high end commercial vacuums are about $500 and massively outperform the fancy looking ones you see at the store.
  • If you need suggestions on specific vacuums, please feel free to contact us! We're always happy to help.