Does carpet dry faster in warm weather?

The end of spring and beginning of summer is often when busy season ramps up for most professional carpet cleaning companies. Why? Because it starts getting warmer out and most people believe that their carpet will dry faster since it’s warm outside. Especially in areas that we serve, like Edmonds, Seattle, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, Woodway, Shoreline, and others, the seasonality definitely contributes to this! However, that idea is not necessarily true.

A lot of carpet cleaning companies don’t use any, or at least not very many, high-efficiency fans to speed dry the carpet after they clean. We have 7 fans on every van to ensure we can get really quick dry times. Whether it’s warm or cold outside, we set up all of our fans and move them into areas that we just clean the carpets to ensure the fastest dry time possible. In the summer, it does help to open windows, so in theory the carpet will dry slightly faster, but it’s really our fans that make a big difference. See below for an example of what one of our fans looks like!