The 3 main benefits of our cleaning process:

  • Safe, non-toxic products that won't leave a harmful residue

  • Industry leading equipment that will properly remove dirt, dust, pet dander and other soils from deep down

  • A cleaner, more healthy home for you, your pets and your children!


Edmonds carpet vacuum cleaning

Dry Soil Removal

80% of the damage done to your carpet is from dry soil. This is why our first step is to vacuum with a commercial-grade vaccum equipped with a HEPA filter. 

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Soil Suspension

First, we will mix a pre-treatment specifically for your situation, and then we will work that solution into your carpet, upholstery, or tile. While most companies only use a hand brush or rake to agitate, we will incorporate a powerful yet gentle Counter Rotating Brush machine. Watch the video below to see the results this can achieve even prior to extraction!

Edmonds top rated carpet cleaning

Soil Extraction

Next we rinse out the pre-spray along with the dirty soil. Our carefully mixed rinsing agent will bring the pH level back to neutral, leaving only water behind. Now the kids can roll around on the clean carpet!

Highest rated Edmonds carpet cleaning


Mostly for carpet and some upholstery, this is where we gently brush the fibers to open them up, allowing for faster drying times and a better appearance.

Carpet Cleaning Woodway


We go the extra mile by using high-efficiency air movers to ensure quick drying times. These air movers are placed as soon as we finish an area to help maximize their efficiency and minimize the inconvenience to you.

We go the extra mile because you are worth it.

Instead of a carpet rake, we have invested in much more thorough brush machines for a deeper clean.

Your walls and furniture will be protected with our corner guards.

We even put our sweat into using this machine on stairs. (Credit to our team member Bill for the idea!)

Your carpet and upholstery will dry faster thanks to our high-efficiency fans.

*Although our products are all non-toxic, it is never recommended to ingest any cleaning products. More information and documentation on our cleaning products is always available upon request.