Have you ever walked into a restaurant, seen the black grout lines and thought, "That was smart, now it won't be noticeable when they get dirty." Unfortunately, the grout lines are black because they are that dirty. Even if you're like a church that we have serviced that has 14 year-old tile in the entryway and it's never been cleaned, the results can be amazing.

"Wow, I never knew the grout was that color." -Property manager of a UW fraternity house as we cleaned the kitchen tile

It might not be too late

Often times, people look in their showers or busy entry areas of their office building and think the grout is done for. Time to replace. Move on. Well, that may not be the case. We are able to perform thorough inspections, ensuring that we give the most accurate and honest recommendations. If cleaning and sealing your tile will do the trick, we have the means to clean and seal just about any type of tile and grout. However, we can also determine if certain areas need replacing and help you find a solution. We are here to serve, not just to get a check from you.