Pet odor cleaning removal

Have you ever come home to this? Then watch how our following process can help rid your house of both spots and odor!

Dog urine stain cleaning

First, we pour in a powerful yet safe cleaning solution which is mixed specifically for the severity of the spot.

Cat urine stain and smell cleaning

Then we use a powerful extraction method that pulls all the way from the subfloor, up through the pad and carpet.

Animal pee cleaning professional

To ensure full sanitation, we then clean the treated area in order to leave your carpet free of spots and odors.

Carpet cleaning pet stains



Thanks to our thorough cleaning and deodorizing process, everyone wins! Your pet is no longer embarrassed, your carpet is spot free, and you're happy with clean carpet!

Inspections are always free, and we will give you a thorough explanation of our cleaning and deodorizing process. Contact us now for your free quote!