Dustless Hardwood Floor Cleaning. Full Hardwood, Engineered, or Laminate. We do it all.

Discover our state-of-the-art process to remove deeply embedded soils and rediscover your hardwood's shine without the costly and time intensive process of re-sanding. We will apply a cleaner specific to your type

Less Expensive: Re-finishing hardwood floors is about $4-5 per square foot on average. Our dustless cleaning and top-coating process cost only a fractionof that

Moving in or out? We give a 20% discount for empty homes!

We have nothing to hide.

It's important that we not only do a fantastic job cleaning, but that we have a high level of integrity. Unfortunately, there are some ideas in the carpet cleaning world that are misleading. Below are some tricks or phrases that our competitors use, and why they are a red flag.

  • "Chemical-free cleaning": As wonderful as this sounds, it's actually not possible. Technically, water is a chemical, and low moisture methods are done with chemicals. All companies use chemicals, and one that claims not to may not be aware of the safety ratings of their chemicals.

  • Proprietary methods: When a company uses a proprietary cleaning method, it's usually best to steer clear. That method has likely not been reviewed by the EPA or the IICRC to be healthy for you and your family or effective at cleaning your carpet.