Carpet Cleaning Edmonds

Our van while cleaning at the Edmonds Conference Center

Our van while cleaning at the Edmonds Conference Center

We are based in Edmonds and are proud to serve many of our neighbors in the Edmonds community. Whether down by the beach, the Edmonds ferry, along Main Street and the famous fountain, or elsewhere, Edmonds always serves to be a pleasurable place to serve and interact with our clients and community. 

In addition to our residential clients, here are a few organizations that we have served in the Edmonds area:

  • Edmonds Conference Center-carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning
  • Edmonds Chamber of Commerce-carpet cleaning
  • Edmonds Public Facilities District-carpet cleaning
  • North Sound Church-carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning
  • Sunrise of Edmonds Senior Living-carpet and upholstery cleaning

Whether in the beautiful downtown Edmonds area, along the water in north Edmonds, or in one of the other beautiful neighborhoods, we are here to serve with professional carpet cleaning in Edmonds, upholstery cleaning in Edmonds, or tile cleaning in Edmonds.