How to get blood stains out of carpet

Unfortunately, we sometimes see the aftermath of tragic situations. In these times, we try to graciously serve our customers and take care of their cleaning needs. We understand that in these situations, the carpet or upholstery is not the main concern, but we want to be able to help ease the stress of the situation by making the carpet or upholstery look just as good as it did before the accident. Below are photos of before and after our cleaning of a blood stain.

As for home remedies, cold water will almost always rinse the blood right out. However, you want to be very careful to wear the proper gear, as well as have a means to extract the water that you put into the carpet, and dispose of that waste water properly and safely.

If you know anyone who needs blood, or any other stain, cleaned out, let them know that we service both Snohomish County and King County.

Best home spot cleaner for carpet: Resolve or OxiClean?

Here's a situation: You are eating in your living room in your Edmonds home and you reach for your drink, only to have it slip from your hand and fall on your white carpet. Or for some of you, you walk into the room to find that your toddler has decided that instead of drinking their juice, they will spill it out all over the carpet. What's your first reaction? Well, run to the closet and grab the Resolve, OxiClean, or other similar product of course!

Before you proceed, read below:

Many of these common carpet cleaners can actually end up being more harmful than helpful. In them is what are called optical brighteners which are dangerous to put into carpet, upholstery, or even clothing. Essentially what optical brighteners do is create a "whitening" effect by reflecting more blue light and less yellow. This makes the carpet appear cleaner without actually cleaning. Most importantly, the optical brighteners create unstable dyes in the fibers of the carpet, upholstery or clothing and can cause a bleaching effect. This will rarely happen right when the cleaner is applied, but once something else is mixed with it (solutions from a professional carpet cleaner, another household cleaner, etc), the bleach will seemingly magically appear, leaving you with a permanent spot.At Sno-King Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we have two solutions for this. The first is to have us clean for you and as a new customer you will receive a free bottle of our own spot cleaner-free for life! If you want to purchase your own, a good cleaner that we recommend is called Folex. Thank you for reading!

Why remove your shoes before entering a house?

Do you ever get tired of the monotonous task of taking your shoes off when you enter and putting them back on when you leave? Although it may seem pointless, it is doing your carpets more good that you might think. First, there are the obvious reasons: shoes track in dirt and mud, it's polite in other people's homes, and it's just plain more comfortable! In addition to the dirt that gets tracked in, there is much more unseen damage that happens slowly over time. As we all learn in school, the way we see color has much to do with the light that is present and what colors a particular object reflects. This concept plays a large role in the appearance of your carpet. Many times a carpet can look very dirty, but cuts and abrasions by dirt, small rocks and shoes can make it look even more dirty than it actually is. The reason it looks dirty is that when the fibers are damaged, light cannot properly reflect in order to give the intended appearance. In fact, this should be a much bigger concern even than spilling juice or wine, because 79% of the damage done to carpet is done by dry soil!

Taking your shoes off in your home, particularly if you have carpet, is one of our strongest recommendations. Just like many other things in your home, carpet is an investment that you want to last for as long as possible and not wearing shoes indoors will go a long way in prolonging the life of the carpet. Besides, who doesn't like the feeling of warm, soft carpet on their feet?