Cleaning dog stains off a couch

If you’re in the Greater Seattle area, chances are that you have pets of some kind. Many people have dogs here, so many people have couches that need to be cleaned. It’s about that simple!

We recently cleaned this couch for one our clients. Not did the dog pee on the couch, but there were just general spots from dog oils, coffee spills, food spots, and other various things on the couch. Fortunately, we have the upholstery cleaners made specifically for all of those things and made a huge difference! Check out the photo below to see what we can do when we clean upholstery!

Carpet cleaning in high traffic areas

Do you have "high traffic" areas of carpet in your home from walking with shoes on in the house? Have you ever wondered if they'll clean up very well? We have the most thorough process in the industry and are happy to help clean up those high traffic areas of carpet. If our carpet cleaning method can't do,  no one's can!

Below you will see photos of the high traffic areas of carpet in a hallway that we cleaned in a condo in downtown Edmonds this afternoon!

Carpet Cleaning Edmonds high traffic hallway
Carpet Cleaning Edmonds high traffic hallway after