How to deep clean grout lines in tile

Tile and grout cleaning is much more than just mopping. In fact, mopping essentially just pushes all the dirt from the tile into the grout lines. So in effect, it cleans off the tiles but makes the grout even more dirty than it already was. No wonder grout lines are always so much harder to deep clean than the tile!

So when cleaning grout at home, that’s why it’s so commonly thought to use a tooth brush. What else can you scrub the grout lines with that will fit inside the grout lines? There are some better tools out there that help you get off your hands and knees like this one though, because you can buy a wool pole to attach it to! Doing this with a strong, neutral pH cleaner like this one can be very effective, but it has to be done regularly. It’s also best practice to use absorbent microfiber pads to dry the surface after cleaning, rather than traditional mops that push the dirt back into the grout lines.

When we clean grout, we do a combination of a safe but heavy duty pre-treatment, aggressive scrubbing with a brush and then high pressure (1000 psi) washing with hot water (up to 220 degrees). This combination allows us to do highly effective tile and grout cleaning that cannot be achieved with home remedies. The above photo is a bathroom we cleaned last week in Lake Stevens and the client was thrilled! If you have questions about how to clean tile and grout, or would like to schedule a professional tile and grout cleaning in Lake Stevens, Edmonds, Seattle, or the surrounding area, contact us here!