Discounted Holiday carpet cleaning

It’s that time of year! Getting ready for parties, family coming into town, and celebrating the holidays with friends. You want your carpet to look nice and presentable for them, right? Well then surely you’ll want to take advantage of special holiday pricing.

But wait! The unfortunate truth is that many carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners, and tile cleaners are rarely offering a discount when they say they are. Have you ever been quoted over the phone by someone who says “Well our normal price is x but I’ll give you 30% off”? Why would they give a random caller such a large discount? The answer is, they don’t.

Most companies raise their initial quote so that when they include the discount, it’s back to their normal pricing (I know this from speaking with other business owners over the years). It’s not an honest practice, but it’s become industry standard for carpet cleaning.

Here at Sno-King, we will never use dishonest tactics to get your business. All our pricing is up front, and the discounts below are our actual discounts that we run all year around (with some occasional specials).

We are booking up for the holidays, so call or email us soon to grab your spot!

20% off for empty homes

20% off for non-profit organizations