Carpet cleaning can save you from the cost of replacing carpet

As you have been making your resolutions, have you considered what you can do to save money? Did you know that your home’s flooring is one of the largest expenses inside your house? Taking care of your floors with proper maintenance is a worthwhile investment and here are some tips to help…

  • Vacuum carpet regularly

  • Always empty or replace your canister or bag when it reaches 75% full

  • Make sure to vacuum the corners with an attachment

  • Slow down on the backstroke to pick up as much debris as possible

  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a professional cleaning every 8-12 months under “normal” conditions (more often if you have kids, pets, bad weather, etc.)

  • Apply a stain protector like Scotchgard. Your carpet manufacturer recommends reapplication, we suggest every year or two

  • Seal grout on your ceramic or porcelain tile floors, walls and counters. This should be done annually or bi-annually

  • Seal your natural stone. This is generally recommended annually