How to get pet stains out of carpet in Edmonds

Often times, pet stains (urine, vomit, feces) cannot easily be treated by household cleaners. The reason for this is because the salts and other aspects need to be properly broken down and extracted out of not only the carpet but also the pad underneath the carpet, and sometimes even the subfloor. Without the proper equipment, it is impossible to extract everything out. Part of this is because pet urine, specifically, is hygroscopic in nature, meaning it essentially feeds itself by pulling moisture from the air. So if it is not all properly extracted, it will feed itself and grow again. Sometimes a product like Nature’s Miracle can help, but it will never fully remove the spot. 

This is why we use an extensive odor and stain removal process to ensure full removal of the spot. Recently, we cleaned for a client in Edmonds who has 3 large dogs who had multiple accidents throughout the house. Fortunately, we are highly trained and skilled in removing both the pet odor and stain, so the urine spots from these dogs didn't stand a chance. Now our client is happy and their home smells great!

If you have any pet stains that you are concerned about, call or e-mail us for a free inspection!