How to get blood stains out of carpet

Unfortunately, we sometimes see the aftermath of tragic situations. In these times, we try to graciously serve our customers and take care of their cleaning needs. We understand that in these situations, the carpet or upholstery is not the main concern, but we want to be able to help ease the stress of the situation by making the carpet or upholstery look just as good as it did before the accident. Below are photos of before and after our cleaning of a blood stain.

As for home remedies, cold water will almost always rinse the blood right out. However, you want to be very careful to wear the proper gear, as well as have a means to extract the water that you put into the carpet, and dispose of that waste water properly and safely.

If you know anyone who needs blood, or any other stain, cleaned out, let them know that we service both Snohomish County and King County.