Best way to clean car or vehicle upholstery

Here in the Greater Seattle Area, we are famous for being called the 12s, or the 12th Man. This reputation not only comes from our love for our Seahawks and our loud voices at the games, but also for the pre-game rituals of awesome tailgating! However, tailgating can lead to making chili, which leads to entire bowls of chili being spilled all over the inside of a car, which leads to us being hired to clean up the mess. Or at least that's what happened to one of our clients. Lucky for her (and you) we clean vehicle upholstery! Whether you have a car, truck, van, boat, RV, or any other vehicle, we can clean your upholstery! These surfaces take a beating, particularly when they are used every day. We can clean the seats, floors, ceilings, trunks or any other upholstered or carpeted section. No matter if it's just a normal car at your home, a bus at your office, or a boat in the marina (we serve several clients in the Edmonds Marina), we've got you covered! Call or e-mail us to schedule a free, no-obligation proposal.