Which carpet cleaning method is best?

There are many methods of carpet cleaning available. Maybe you have heard of some of these: bonnet, encapsulation, dry, shampooing, or hot water extraction cleaning (also known as steam cleaning). So which is best for your carpets and how can you be sure? While each method may have applications for different situations, hot water extraction cleaning is the method that we utilize the most at Sno-King and is the one that we believe is the best. There are many reasons that this method is superior to the others, here I will share three.

1) It is recommended by almost every carpet manufacturer

2) When done properly it removes all cleaning solutions used in the carpet

3) It removes more soil from your carpet than the other options

We believe in offering you, our customer, the best method available and that is why we clean your home’s carpet with a truck mounted, hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning.