Removing pet urine stains from carpet

We often run into this, which is why we often post about it. Pet stains are one of the most common spots that we see when we are cleaning, whether it be carpet or upholstery. Pet odor is also a large culprit, which we specialize in as well. 

When it comes to pet stains on carpet, and trying to remove urine from carpet, we have a very thorough and specific process for cleaning. We get the water as hot as possible (typically around 240 degrees Fahrenheit), and we use specific products that remove the salts from the urine as well as enzymes to kill other bacteria and help deal with the odor. After this, we rinse and extract to ensure we don't leave anything in the carpet or pad. Below you will see a photo from when we cleaned dog pee stains out of carpet in the Shoreline Richmond Beach area!

Richmond Beach Shoreline carpet cleaning